Thursday, February 22, 2018

Contented Soul

I have been writing poetry on and off since my mid-teens, but tend not to share it publicly because most of it is so personal. However, I felt like this new one is worth sharing here as an expression of how the Quran has shaped my understanding of and relationship with God, and my understanding of own humble place in existence. Each stanza contains allusions to verses of the Quran (see how many you can find). The title comes from sura 89, "The Dawn" (al-Fajr), verses 27-28.

Contented Soul

You chose me for existence
     And breathed me into being,
You fashioned my very essence,
     my hearing, and my seeing.

Upon this earth you placed me
     For this momentous test
Of faithfulness and virtue,
     And for truth, a sacred quest.

So in this pain and struggle
     I toil through each day,
But Your love sustains me
     As I continue on my way.

And through my each endeavor
     And through everything I learn,
On this alone I set my hopes
     And for this alone I yearn:

To return to You in mercy
     With a heart peaceful and whole,
To meet Your loving countenance
     As a contented soul,

To enter Your blessed garden
     Where Your servants roam,
And in Your love and mercy dwell
As my final, lasting home.

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